Two Gold Season Passes to Six Flags, a Fright Fest prize package, two VIP Haunted House passes, a ticket for two to ride the Freak Train for Freak Unleashed and a chance at $300... Huge prize pack, right? What's it worth to you? Would it be worth spending 30 hours in a closed coffin?

This is exactly the contest being held by Six Flags St. Louis. If anyone can remain in the coffin for 30 hours (minus necessary breaks, of course), he or she will win the prize pack; and if more than one person lasts, they will be entered into a drawing for the money.

You read that right... A drawing.

So, after spending 30 hours in a coffin, a person could still walk away with basically a date night (I mean that's what the tickets for two basically amount to) and they'd still have to pay for their food out of their own pockets. Give up 1 1/3 days just to get a free date night? Laughable, but somebody's gonna do it.

Would it be you?

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