In this day and age, we all use social media. With each network, there are some things we'd like to see changed. Since Facebook is most common, let's discuss some things with it.

5 Things Facebook should do away with:

1- The ability to like your own post. Let's be truthful. If you posted it, you like it. Why go back and "Like" it? A bit redundant, don't you think? But hey, it's your page (that's what you're going to say anyway), and you can do anything you want with it because it's yours. All this is true, which is why Facebook should disable it.

2- The ability to easily steal photos. What stops a person from creating a new email account, stealing your photos, and creating a new page? Nothing. If other sites can disable the right click save, surely Facebook can. Of course, they can still get a screenshot and crop, but the extra effort might make it less interesting to attempt.

3- The ability to go back and like old photos. There is nothing wrong with showing a like for a person's pictures, new or old; but getting a "Like" on a picture that's 7 years old is a little creepy. And when a person goes back and "Likes" more than 10 pictures at a time (bringing it back into the news feed), your friends start issuing warnings. "Girl, who is that liking all your pictures? You might need to watch him!"

4- Live with no interaction. Facebook should be set to where you go live, and the amount of time you have is directly correlated to the number of people tuned in. If you have only 10 people watching, you get 10 minutes. If you have 150 people, you have 150 minutes. You don't have to use them all. But in the world of comedy, having less than 10 people engaged is what would be known as a "bomb," and they quickly get you off stage. If you go Live just to have a conversation with the few people watching, why not start a group video chat?

5- A limit on the number of friends you can have. Right now, a person can only have 5,000 friends. For those who know more than 5,000 people, leaving posts open to the public lets others see what you post, but they can't engage. That's right, a social network without the ability to engage with ALL of your friends. Yes, there is the option of a fan page, but who wants to manage two accounts?

Of course there are other unlisted more important items like fights, links to stories from unreliable news sources, and posts of hateful content which are reported as inappropriate. So, this post is purely entertainment. But do you have anything to add to the list?

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