50 Cent is doubling down on his take that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson.

On Thursday (Oct. 3), 50 shared a video of Breezy dancing on his current Indigoat Tour. Clearly impressed by the singer's moves, 50 reiterated that his belief that Chris is better than the King of Pop.

"I would hate to be a R&B nigga right now," 50 wrote in the caption. "This fool better then MJ no [cap] #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

Back in August, 50 shared similar sentiments when news broke that Chris had sold nearly 70 million singles in the United States.

"CB better then MJ to me now, I can’t believe mike wanted to touch the little boys booty.‍♂️what the fuck man. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac," 50 wrote on Instagram at the time with a screenshot of a tweet that shared Chris' latest feat.

A week later, he shared another similar post.

"All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this," 50 wrote in a Sept. 5 IG post with another clip of Breezy's moves. This prompted Michael's daughter Paris Jackson to respond in the comments.

"Superbowl 1993," Paris wrote under the video. "True legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. stillness, my friend. stillness. more power in stillness than you can probably understand. And I say this with zero shade to Chris, I love him dearly. This is just for you 50."

Naturally, 50 clapped back.

"Why am I the bad guy?" he questioned. "I understand how you feel Paris but does anyone care about how the little boys butts feel?"

50's response to Paris prompted additional commentary from Michael's nephew, TJ Jackson, later that month in an interview.

"I loved 'In da Club' and some other 50 Cent songs, but I lost a lot of respect for him," TJ said. "A lot of respect, for many reasons. I just don’t think it was cool to attack my uncle without doing any research on the truth," TJ added. "Then for him to attack my younger cousin who has to deal with all this, is even more immature and more disgusting. Hopefully, he’ll mature and see more of a respectful side, but it is what it is."

50 did not respond to TJ.

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