I don't know about you but I can honestly say I misplace my phone about 3 times a day and maybe once I week I may leave my phone somewhere.  Luckily for me, so far, it's always been where I left it! Some of you all may not be as lucky!

Did you know that you're over 50% more likely to lose your phone during the summer.  With that being the case, it would be wise to download an app for your iPhone, they have their "Find My iPhone" feature.  Just make sure it's turned on and if you have an Android, there's an app called "Find My Device".

Those apps are good, however, a new study found there's something else you can also do to increase your chances of getting your phone back.  Have you ever thought about putting your contact info on your Lock Screen!.

A team of researchers left a bunch of phones in random spots around three cities . . . L.A., New York, and Atlanta. The ones with contact info listed on their lock screens were THREE TIMES more likely to be returned.

You can do it on most Android phones by going into the "Lock Screen" or "Security" section in your settings.  If you have an iPhone, you might need to download an app.  There's one called LostFound that costs a buck.

Or there's a way to do it through the "Find My iPhone" app AFTER you've lost your phone.  Just log in at iCloud.com . . . put your phone in "Lost Mode" . . . and it should let you add a message to your lock screen remotely.

There you have it!  To read more about it, Click here

You can thank me later!