There have been numerous campaigns revolving around cleaning up communities, picking up litter, and refraining from discarding of waste along our roadways.  Another such event is set for Saturday, September 19.

The Alabama Department of Public Health Youth Tobacco Prevention Program will host “National Cleanup Day Tuscaloosa” beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 12 noon.

National Cleanup Day is an annual event, held on the third Saturday of September.  It encourages people to take action every day to improve and enhance their communities.

Participants in Tuscaloosa will gather and receive supplies at A.L. Freeman Park. Masks are required, and certificates and incentive items will be given to youth participants.  There are a few spots left for youth participants ages 13-18. To secure, contact Kimdeldria Washington at (205) 562-6995 or (205) 562-6990.

It goes without saying that litter detracts from an area’s beauty and the curb appeal in some neighborhoods; but one of the points of significance surround the event in Tuscaloosa is that it’s being put on by a tobacco prevention program. Anyone who has participated in such events in the past can attest to the fact that some of the most common items dropped or thrown out of car windows are cigarette butts.

For some reason, many smokers don’t put out their cigarettes in their ash trays to be dumped into trash cans when they make it to their destinations.  As a matter of fact, Truth Initiative says that cigarettes make up more than one-third of all collected litter and that some cities spend between $3 million and $16 million on cigarette clean-up.

It makes one question how a person can think that’s even ok. Do they drop trash on the floors in their homes? Leave dropped potato chip bags in their yards? The same amount of respect given to their own properties should be given to others and community property.

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