Air Fryer Hacks – Fried Apples

There is something about fried apples that gives me a sense of comfort.  My mother would fix traditional fried apples during the Florida “winter” months, which means it got below 70 degrees.  [Insert your laughter here.]  Well, I have fallen in love with my air fryer.  I’ve been dieting and counting my points with weight watchers.  Not to brag but I’m down 7.4 pounds!  Whoot! Whoot!  And I wanted some fried apples.  So, I created this recipe and it turned out really well.  Warning: I am no chef but I do like to experiment but I hardly measure anything.  I’ve done this recipe a few times, one batch was with only Cinnamon & Splenda and the other batch was with Apple Pie Spice (which is a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom) & Splenda.

  • Pink Lady Apples (or any sweet type apple) cut to your style or in slices.
  • Place apple slices in a bowl.
  • For each apple, have one packet of Splenda
  • Sprinkle the Splenda on the top of the apples.
  • Take Cinnamon or Apple Pie Spice and shake a thin layer over the entire top of the apples.
  • Take your tongs and toss the apples in your Splenda and Spices.
  • Lightly spray the air fryer basket with Avocado Oil Spray (or your choice of oil spray)
  • Toss Apples in the basket in one layer (Do not place them on top of each other).
  • Put Air Fryer on 6 minutes at 400 degree. When done turn apples. Then put on another 6 minutes at 400 degrees.  The last time, I just did a straight 12 minutes, and they came out perfect.

Once slightly cooled down, take a bite of some apple heaven

Here are some of the kitchen tools I used for this recipe from Target!


Let me know how it turns out - @MaryKRadio

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