For many of us, taking care of children after a loved one’s demise is a no-brainer.  But would it be if you had seven children of your own and your late sibling had five?

If one took a minute to contemplate the situation, surely they couldn’t be blamed. Right?

Luckily, possible criticism isn’t a concern for Francesca McCall.

Like many of us, McCall recently lost a family member to COVID-19.  That family member was her sister. Sadly, her brother-in-law also died one month later.  The couple left behind five children, who McCall took in to raise along with her seven children.

Losing a parent is always difficult.  For these children, ages two to seventeen, to lose both parents within a month of each other and upon the holiday season has to be tough. However, this is a task McCall has chosen to take on.

While McCall manages her own grief at the loss of her sister, she is aware that her nieces and nephews are also dealing with the deaths of their mother AND father. One of her goals is to maintain a sense of normalcy for the children by making sure they have all they need and that they have a merry Christmas.

A church is said to be assisting McCall with gathering funds to make her load a bit lighter. A GoFundMe page has been established to gather money to provide Christmas cheer to the children as well as making sure the children’s day to day needs are met.

It is an amazing sister who makes such decisions to keep the children together and not let them be separated and placed in the system. If you’d like to assist her in this journey, click here.

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