According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, the number of pregnancy-related deaths in Alabama increased by more than six times between 2014 and 2017. In addition, Alabama is said to have some of the highest rates of preterm birth and infant mortality in the nation.

This has led the state legislature to approve funding for a committee to review autopsies and medical records of women who died from childbirth complications.  Alabama’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee will also make recommendations for improving maternal health. Full story.

Because an estimated 800 women in the US die each year during pregnancy and within 42 days after delivery, this is not unheard of. However, in 2017, 41 of those deaths were in Alabama. Out of 50 states, ours accounted for 19.5%. Source.

It is said that nationally, hemorrhage and cardiovascular and coronary conditions are the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths.

Most women wear many hats. They're mothers who care for children, daughters who care for parents, sisters who care for siblings, employees who try to do a good job, etc. This is not to say that men don't have similar roles, but they're usually not as nurturing and don't usually internalize frustrations.  Holding in frustrations is probably more hazardous to one's health than she realizes.

Everyone should have at least one outlet or way to decompress, whether it be a daily walk, a leisurely drive, time at the gym, or just quiet time.  This is even more important while pregnant and after delivery as the body goes through numerous changes beyond simple weight gain.

It's great to see the State of Alabama taking this issue seriously and putting money behind finding the problem to build a solution.

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