Stillman College is addressing the needs of its students by launching a partnership with Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church to offer childcare services for students who are parents. “Access to childcare for our students has been a major challenge for the campus,” said Dr. Cynthia Warrick, Stillman College president.

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The Alabama Power Foundation has provided a grant to assist with funding for the renovations and the establishment of the center. Warrick said that “this important gift from the Alabama Power Foundation expresses their timely support and will make a major impact on our student parents’ ability to complete their degree.”

Photo courtesy of the Alabama Power Foundation
Photo courtesy of the Alabama Power Foundation

After renovations are completed in the church’s assembly and Sunday school area it will become a state-certified childcare facility. This endeavor will provide childcare services to more than 100 Stillman College students. Work is scheduled to begin this Fall and should take roughly six months to complete.

“As a member of the business community, Alabama Power recognizes that childcare continues to be a barrier for many families, which affects the development of our overall workforce,” said Alabama Power Western Division Vice President Jill Stork. “I am grateful for the support of the Alabama Power Foundation to Stillman College, and so appreciative to Dr. Warrick for having the vision of this center. I know this childcare program will greatly impact the students on campus by ensuring they are better positioned for success in their educational journey.”

(Source) A press release was sent to Townsquare Media from Stillman College.

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