Even though I've been in Alabama going on three years, it really still feels like I just moved here. Now part of me blames the pandemic. I know it kind of becomes cliche, but I really feel like the pandemic took a good year and a half away from me getting to know Tuscaloosa.

Now that we're back outside and things are opening up, I feel like I should open up to and ask the questions I really want to know about people here, specifically in West Alabama.

There are so many things I'm getting used to and really trying to understand about traditions that you guys have, things you like to eat, places you like to go, teams, you like to cheer for (Roll Tide) but I'm learning that I'll never know the answer unless I just straight up ask.

So here it is. After seeing this viral picture on Facebook, it made me wonder because I'm thinking who in their right mind wouldn't do this.

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So I guess my question is, do people in Alabama put bananas in their banana pudding?

Now to me, it sounds like it's something that should go in all banana pudding, hence the name banana pudding right?  There's apples in apple pie. There are peaches in a peach cobbler. Why are there not bananas in everyone's banana pudding? I'll never understand this. And I'll never trust banana pudding if it doesn't have bananas and vanilla wafers.



But here we go the question to you is do people in Alabama use bananas in their banana pudding? Is there a right or wrong way for Alabamians and send me your banana pudding recipe if it's not too secretive at DreDay@1051TheBlock.Com. I might try it one day at home with my family.

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