For years, spitting on another person has been seen as one of the most vile and disrespectful acts, and it appears that amid COVID-19, "sharing" of other bodily fluids can be seen as criminal activity.

This is not about the fluids we willingly share and accept but ones forced upon others such as a deliberate cough.

Melanie Nicole Chambers of Andalusia, 39, is accused of coughing on an officer who broke up a child's birthday party that had roughly 50 guests in attendance. She was charged with criminal assault with a bodily fluid, but the charge was thrown out. Full story.

We're living in a time where coughs and sneezes are dangerous.  It used to be that we were afraid of catching the germs that would result in an uncomfortable common cold.  Now, those same bodily functions can send one to the hospital or even worse, an early grave.

We can't prevent others from coughing or sneezing, but we can protect ourselves from picking up those germs!  Personal protective equipment is vital.  Wear your masks and your gloves when you're out in public.  Be sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

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