Cheers to the holiday season. While you are enjoying family and friends, you might be planning to shake up the adult beverages too. Of course, Eggnog is associated with bringing on the Christmas cheer, spiked of course. But apparently, it is NOT Alabama’s favorite Christmas drink.

According to E-Conolight, there are 5 fan favorites across the United States:

1) Eggnog

2) White Russians

3) Whiskey Gingers

4) Christmas Margaritas

5) Sidecars

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Eggnog is popular in “Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.:

White Russians are a fan favorite in Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

Whiskey Gingers are a top choice in “Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.”

People who love Sidecars are from “Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.”

What about Alabama?

The top choice for the Yellowhammer State is the Christmas margarita. It’s also popular in “Connecticut, South Carolina, and Tennessee.”

Have you ever had a Christmas Margarita? It’s like a holiday treat in a cup. Here are some great recipes on how to craft your very own this holiday season. You got plenty of time to hit the liquor store if you don’t have the ingredients.

Check Out These Video Recipes for the Christmas Margarita

Other Popular Christmas Themed Drinks

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