Another Mostly Sunny Day

Weather Update for Tuesday, November 19th

Today, our area will transition from partly sunny skies to becoming sunny.  The high for today will range around 67.  Tonight, the low will be near 40 with clear skies and calm winds.  Wednesday is shaping up to bring us sunny skies with a high in the upper 60’s.  Thursday we should have mostly sunny skies with a high in the lower 70’s with a slight chance of rain Thursday evening.

The November average temperatures for the daily highs start the month in the high 60’s and the end of the month in the low 60’s.  The average low’s for November start the month off in the mid-’40s and end the month in the high 30’s.  At this time, Thanksgiving week is looking; we will have seasonal temperatures.

As we are entering the winter season, I’ll be sharing the “winter hacks” I find.  I discovered this deicer from the Farmers’ Almanac, “fill a clean spray bottle with 1 part water and 2 parts rubbing alcohol and store it in your car during the cold weather months.  Spray it on your frosted windshield and windows on those chilly mornings to make scraping easier.”  

@MaryKRadio – Weather Reporter