Today, I came across a video that displayed a major stereotype: Big Girls Sing Better?

For a minute, I wanted to say I kinda agreed.  Then, I thought about my sister-in-law.  Not only is she small.... She's tiny! As in she and her 10-year-old could probably share closets.

I'm much larger than her, and I only sing well enough to hold my part in a choir!

We are but two people. Is the stereotype true for the most part?

Check out this video.

(Warning: Strong Language. AND NONE of these women sing as good as anybody I hear in church.)

On second thought, this concept might be more than a tad bit ludicrous.  I mean, Fantasia, Deborah Cox, and Brandy are small and can sing a house DOWN!

Honestly, it doesn't matter if the woman is big or small. A beautiful voice and knowledge of how to use it is more important than the package which contains it.

(Side note: But had you asked who had the more sensual speaking voice, I'm with big girls all the way!)

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