For almost every day on the calendar, there is an observance.  There's also a celebration for almost every occupation. (Makes mental note to check for National Radio Personality Appreciation Day.)

Today is National Hug a Plumber Day!

Exciting, right?  Okay, not really... Unless you're a plumber.

But how many of us know a plumber right off, and well enough to feel comfortable just giving him (or her) a hug?   If you know of one, tag the plumber and give a cyber hug or find your own way to show your appreciation.

If you don't know a plumber but still want to participate in the day's observance, here's a suggestion: If you can't hug a plumber, hug a pipe layer!

Plumber... Pipe layer... Those terms are almost interchangeable, right?  Sure they are!

OOOOORRRR.... if you see a young man with sagging pants, exposing what is called the plumber's... Well, you know....  DEFINITELY give him a hug.  He probably needs it most.

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