Google Supports Mini Computers For Berlin Schools
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Did you know that they stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive? 

Computers are good in some ways but to tell the truth, I think the computers are hindering our kids as well. Not only do kids not write in cursive anymore, they're hardly writing anymore!

According to a new report, kids are so used to using iPads and computers, they can't even grip a PENCIL anymore.

In order to write legibly, kids are taught to grip a pencil or pen with their thumb and first two fingers.  Which is easy for us, because we've been doing it our whole lives.

But more and more kids are struggling with it, because they don't have the strength and dexterity in their hands.  The only way they can write is by gripping it with their entire fist like a caveman.

Researchers think it's because they just don't get as much practice and aren't building those muscles up.

Instead of doing things like coloring, they're using apps.  And they're also not doing other stuff that used to improve our fine motor skills . . . things like playing with building blocks and using scissors.

Doctors don't want parents to worry TOO much about it. But it's becoming more common.  So buying them a box of crayons or encouraging them to play with ACTUAL toys might not be a bad idea.