Are you getting more than enough sleep at night but still feel sluggish, sleepy or even drained? You may be surprised at why you could possibly feel that way!  According to Forbes, here are some not-so-obvious habits that could be taking away your energy!


1.  Taking things personally.

Try to let stuff roll off your back more.  Being offended and angry all the time is a huge waste of energy that can really take a toll on you.

2.  Constant worrying.

It's a hard one to fix.  But do your best, because it really can hold you back.  Instead of worrying so much, take action whenever you can address something head-on.  And if something's out of your hands, try not to fixate on it.

3.  Negativity.

It's a huge drain on your own energy.  And complaining all the time can be a drain on the people around you too.

4.  Overthinking things.

Once you've thought something through, pull the trigger and stop second guessing yourself.  There's a trendy term now called "FOBO," which stands for "fear of better options."  And it can be a huge energy waster.

5.  Gossiping and creating drama.

Generating any kind of unnecessary drama in your life is a waste of time and energy.

6. Not Following Through   

Promising a friend, a colleague or your boss something and not following through, you create more stress, anxiety and work for yourself on the back end, and it depletes your self-esteem. Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you will do it and you will have more energy and self-esteem.

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