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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been attending Sunday services online. I love it. I’m a fan.  I’ll keep it real; I love being in my pajamas. After visiting many churches online, I gravitated toward the Transformation Church, where Mike Todd is the pastor.

Why do I like the Transformation Church? Simply put, I feel like Pastor Todd is talking directing to me.  His enthusiastic approach speaks to my spirit. He touches on subjects that hit home with me. His last series, “Relationship Goals,” taught me new concepts about how I deal and look at relationships, personally and professionally.

Transformation Church services transitioned services in the online format until further notice. You can join in on Sundays at 11 am (CST). Their vision is to “exist to Re-Present God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. We are a multi-church. Meaning we are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-plying, and multi-campus.”

After an eight week sabbatical, Pastor Mike Todd returned with a new series that has totally caught my attention; “F.U. – Forgiveness University.” It’s a topic that is hard for many of us, forgiveness. It’s tough to forgive others but even more transforming to forgive ourselves. Click here for the rebroadcast of week one on YouTube.

Self-forgiveness is the main reason why I enrolled.  If you enrolled in the Forgiveness University, let me know. I would love to set up a virtual group chat to review the lessons from Pastor Todd.  You can email me at MaryK@townsquaremedia.com or reach me on Instagram at @MaryKRadio

Week 1 – Mary K’s Forgiveness University Bullet Points

Bible verses that stood out to me:

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” - Luke 6:37

“For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” - Romans 3:23

Statements by Pastor Todd:

“If forgiveness sounds cute but is never cultivated, it’s merely a concept.”

“Forgiveness is a primary spiritual discipline of every Christ-follower.”

“You must forgive; it’s not a suggestion or a good idea.”

“God values the posture of your heart over the prosperity of your hand.”

My takeaways:

Forgive the person we see in the mirror > THAT IS MAJOR <

This is the start of understanding forgiveness.

Cast all your cares upon Him.

Give your burdens to Him.

We all need forgiveness.

My pain will have a purpose. My pain will not be pointless.

Bringing value to the principle of forgiveness.

Forgiveness requires faith.

(Source) For more about the Transformation Church and Pastor Mike Todd, click here. For the YouTube video, click here.

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