Job Growth Spurs Drop In Unemployment Rate To 4.7 Percent
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Alabama may not be the best place to look! 




If you're looking for a new job to kick off the New Year, I have good and bad news for you!

The good news is, there's plenty of job openings!  The bad news is, to get the perfect job that you're looking for, you may have to move to Arizona to find it! released a list of best and worst places to find a job in the US for the year of 2018. Some of the factors the results were based on is employment growth, job opportunities, unemployment rate, average income, raising a family, commute times among other things!



Here are the Top 10 Best places to look for a job:


Chandler, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

San Fransico

Peoria, Arizonia

Gilbert, Arizonia

Plano, Texas

Portland, Maine

Irvine, California

Madison, WAisconsin

Boston, Mass


The 10 Worst places are:


Shreveport, Louisiana


Newark, NJ

Columbus, GA

Birmingham, Alabama

New Orleans

Hialeah, Florida

Fresno, CA

Montgomery, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama