Saturday, lemonade stands were all across metro Tuscaloosa.  I grabbed my daughter and my niece to support as many of the small businesses as possible.

We started at Kmart, where B Sweet Lemonade was set up.  There, we purchased a cup of mango lemonade and a bottle of water. The mango lemonade ended up being one of my daughter's favorites. Actually, I don't recall anyone else serving the variety.

From there, we went up Skyland to start in the Woodland Hills area, which led us to University Blvd. Just beyond Crescent Ridge Rd was Savannah Leigh's lemonade stand, where the girls purchased blueberry lemonade. It was delicious as well.

We then made our way to Midtown Village, where Pretty Brown Girls Club #88 was set up in front of Old Navy.  Their pineapple lemonade was SUPERB!!! I'm not supposed to drink sweet drinks, but I had to taste my daughter's because it looked so good. (A little sip doesn't hurt, right?)

Once we left Midtown Village, we went to Hargrove Rd. Squeezed to Please was set up at the entrance to the plaza, just in front of the comic book store. Their unique menu item was the Arnold Palmer. The girls originally bought it, but they didn't care for it. So, I ended up drinking both cups, which were quite tasty to me!  Squeezed to Please also had peach lemonade; and the girls loved it!

But what I found most unique there was the fact that they were hustlers! This was the only stand I saw where it was advertised that a sample was offered, but you had to pay for it!


Our final stop was at Tow-Tow's Lemonade in front of Northport Fish and Things on Lurleen Wallace Blvd. My daughter purchased watermelon lemonade, and I don't remember what flavor my niece got (I think it was strawberry). They loved this one as well.

It was a fun day. We got to spend quality time together while also supporting Lemonade Day participants. All of the stands were professionally done, and the participants were excited about their businesses.  Some say they'll probably continue to sell lemonade the rest of the summer and that they definitely can't wait for Lemonade Day next year! We can hardly wait either!

Check out more Lemonade Day pics here.

(Side note: Ed Ramsey and Monique Jordan visited lemonade stands as well. We also attempted to go to others, but they'd already shut down before we could get there.)

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