Most of us have questions that we'd like to ask an attorney but we either don't know the process of consulting one, or we don't really want to set an appointment and take time out of our schedules. Asking legal questions is easy with WTUG!

Every other Monday, personal injury attorney Steven Mezrano visits WTUG to answer your legal questions. Ask the Attorney begins at 10:00am. Those with legal questions may either call or send a text to the WTUG phone line-- which is powered by Mezrano --at (205) 391-0093.

Many of the questions he's been presented are centered around personal injury, but sometimes, people ask questions regarding child support, workers compensation, libel, and rights. Some people want to know what their rights are regarding their own cases as well as the amounts for which they should sue if a case is brought against another.

Don't let your legal questions go unanswered.  Ask Mezrano every other Monday on 92.9 WTUG!


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