An armored truck recently lost $175,000 on a busy Atlanta highway. Motorists are said to have left their vehicles to grab their (unfair) share of the cash.

Now, it’s said that those who got some of the windfall are being pursued and encouraged to return it.  There were some good Samaritans who voluntarily returned what they’d gathered, but I’m gonna be honest…

I wouldn’t have.

I mean, if I’d collected $500 (hypothetically), and I knew I could be identified, I MIGHT show up at the police department with $50 in singles as what I’d picked up while holding onto my other $450.

But let’s say the authorities showed up at your door, saying they had proof you got some of the money. What would be your response?

3 Reasons I Would Justify Keeping the Money

  • Finders keepers.
  • “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…”
  • The wealth of the wicked is set aside for the just.

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