While many used Saturday to prepare for Easter Sunday, others (and probably some of the aforementioned) had another day of observance: 4/20.

The origins of 4/20 aren't clear.  But what IS clear is that marijuana smokers across the country may not keep up with any other date, but they know 4/20.

It's not surprising for any company specializing in comfort food to find a way to capitalize on the celebration of the day.  However, what IS surprising is this statement made by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream:

Way to stand up for injustice!!!

Did that make you consider purchasing a pint of ice cream?

Right!  But wait, there's more!

Following that tweet was this one:

So, Caliva is working to have the records of non-violent offenders expunged... And Ben and Jerry's is in full support!

It would seem that non-smokers would have no interest in such topics.  However, when families are broken, communities suffer, and toxic cycles form. So, a person with seemingly "no dog in the fight" has a dog in the fight; and everyone knows that dogs fight until a true winner emerges.

*Heading to buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's*


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