Fall is here!  My favorite time of year, the temperature outside is going down, it's getting dark earlier and the leaves are beginning to change colors! With all the beautiful things that happen this time of year, someone put together a list of ways autumn can KILL you.

Even though it maybe true, these are things we don't think about.

1.  Sun glare.  As the days get shorter, the sun is more likely to be right in your eyes during rush hour.

2.  Wet leaves on the ground.  Have you ever stepped on a wet leaf? It's very slippery and could cause you to fall, also can cause some car crashes.  Plus, they can hide hazards on the road, like potholes.

3.  Deer.  Over 1.5 million Americans hit deer with their cars each year.  And almost half of those collisions happen in October, November, and December.

4.  Fireplaces.  They're involved in about 23,000 house fires every year, and most of those fires happen in the fall.

5.  Burning candles.  There's always an uptick in candle-related fires starting in October.  The bedroom, living room, and bathroom are the top three danger zones.  not to mention 1/5 of fatalities happen because someone fel asleep with a candle burning.