Seems like anything and everything these days cam make you sick!




The latest thing that could actually poison you are store receipts!  Yup, something as common as store receipts can make you ill.

An analysis from Michigan-based environmental non-profit The Ecology Center tested a bunch of receipts at grocery stores, restaurants, and major retail chains, and they found that because of the thermal printers the stores use, 93% of their receipts tested positive for the chemicals BPA or BPS.

Ok, so I don't know what BPA or BPS means, I had to do some research!

According to   BPA (bisphenol A) and BPS (bisphenol S) are chemicals that are used as color developers. Many businesses don’t print receipts with ink, but rather employ receipt printers that use thermal papers. These chemicals are included within a heat-sensitive layer on this paper. So when a heated printer head in a receipt printer comes into contact with this layer, these chemicals produce the printed image.

Those chemicals have been linked to negative effects on your hormones and your metabolism . . . and they've even been linked to things like infertility and autism.

Avoid getting sick by washing your hands after handling a receipt and of course, if you work behind a cash register and have to handle reciepts, you may way yo use glove.