Can you spot a skimmer?




When you go to an ATM, or even a gas pump do you check for skimmers?  One was found recently in Ga at an ATM.  If you don't know what you're looking for, it would be easy to miss is.

These devices, along with tiny cameras can give a thief easy access to your account, having your zip code and pin number.  It's happening a lot more than you would think.

Before using an ATM, regardless or where it it...a bank, gas station or gas pump, make sure you do a check.  Look around for a small camera and also pull on the card reader.  The skimmer can come off just by pulling it.

Below is a video compliments of CBS 46.  Please look at the video and start checking ATM's and gas pumps before you put your card in the slot.

You can thank me later!  :-)



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