(Photo credit: Twitter/BishopRickeyMo2)
(Photo credit: Twitter/BishopRickeyMo2)

Did anyone wake up to read the national obituaries, wondering if you'd see Bishop Rickey Moore's name? Well, it turns out that the right reverend changed his mind about being buried for three days and opted instead to spend that time in a tent.

In a statement that makes about as much sense as his original decision to be placed in a casket, Bishop Moore told the Shreveport Times, "I thought about a casket so if it started raining I would be able to close the lid to keep the elements from getting on me."

Now, if this event had been planned for approximately a month, you mean to tell me that NOBODY attempted to tell the man of God that staying in a closed coffin from Friday until Sunday would surely be tempting God? It's one thing to make a series of bad decisions that lead to a downward spiral that only a miracle can fix. It's something entirely different to PLAN such an act..... Unless he truly heard from God. But considering the fact that he decided to go into a tent with a space heater instead (and yes, I am laughing while typing this), that's highly unlikely. If he had done it and survived, I would have indeed rejoiced with him.... and repented for laughing, of course.

Aside from this casket nonsense, everything else seems to have been pretty creative. Check it out.