Just when you think you've heard it all, here comes a snippet of a sermon that has many churchgoers scratching their heads.

It's highly likely that the preacher came from either Matthew 21, Mark 11, or Luke 19 as all of these tell the story where Jesus sent for a donkey (or ass) which had never been ridden.  Most churchgoers have already heard a variation of this sermon... and using the same version of the Bible.  You know, the one in which "ass," a common term for a donkey is used.

For most people, the context in which this sermon is presented is okay until the possessive pronoun "your" was placed ahead of "ass."  Apparently, "your ass" added a sense of vulgarity for some viewers.

Had he said, "Your stubbornness," "your brokenness," "your being disregarded," etc., there wouldn't have been a problem, even though those are the things the donkey is supposed to have been.

(Credit: Facebook/screenshot)
(Credit: Facebook/screenshot)


What do you think?  Did he run out, or are people too sensitive and quick to point out anything that can be taken as improper?


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