Busta Rhymes has a small island near Boston, Mass. named for him, although some of his fans may just be discovering the news, if Twitter is any indication.

For well over a decade, since 2005, Kevin O'Brien has maintained and named a tiny, nondescript island in honor of his favorite rapper, according to Boston.com. Busta is obviously his favorite rapper, and he wanted to do something to honor him. Guess an island was a good way to go?

"It's a very small little island [with] rope-swinging, blueberries, and... stuff Busta would enjoy," O'Brien said back in 2009 of the40-by-40-foot plot of land in a pond about a half-mile from his home.

In 2014, the story broke once more, and we reported that O'Brien hopes to one day become the official owner of the island—he was denied because according to state's laws of adverse possession, someone must maintain an island continuously for 20 years before that person is considered the property's owner.

In addition, the byzantine restrictions surrounding naming a geographic feature state that they cannot be named after celebrity until five years after their death, according to Atlas Obscura. So, the name technically isn't official.

Nevertheless, when you google "Busta Rhymes Island" the location actually shows up on Google Maps, a finding that's been causing a stir on Twitter recently.

You can check out some of the responses to Busta Rhymes Island below.


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