The past few days is what I like to call “fake spring.” It’s like fake friends, the weather smiles in your face then brings you promises of wonderful behavior, and then you are snatched back to seasonal temperatures.


So, don’t put away your jackets and sweaters just yet.

The first official day of spring is Monday, March 20, 2023, which marks the day of the “spring equinox.”

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In general, you can expect a difference in temperatures, from Thursday’s 70 degrees, today in the 60s, and this weekend to the 50s.

James Spann, ABC 33/40, and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Chief Meteorologist said that “there is a chance the rain could briefly change to light snow before ending late tomorrow night and early Sunday across parts of North and East Alabama thanks to dynamic cooling from the cold core upper trough/low. For now, we are not expecting major accumulation or impact with surface temperatures above freezing, but keep in mind these systems usually bring a surprise or two, so keep an eye on the forecast for potential changes.”

West Alabama Weekend Temperature Guide


Saturday: High: 54 – Low: 36

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 54 – Low: 34

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 52 – Low: 36

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 52 – Low: 37

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 53 – Low: 33

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 33


Saturday: High: 52 – Low: 37

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 53 – Low: 34

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 51 – Low: 35

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 54 – Low: 36

Sunday: High: 57 – Low: 34


Saturday: High: 56 – Low: 34

Sunday: High: 56 – Low: 32

(Source) To follow the Facebook Page of James Spann, click here.

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