I'm not sure if it's just my phone provider or what, but something about seeing "Scam Likely" just makes my day.

There used to be a day when there was no caller ID and we just answered the phone.  The implementation of the tool has led to way more ignored calls than I'm sure the inventors planned.  I'm almost certain it made work hard for telemarketers and bill collectors, who quickly found their way around it: Make the ID show another name.

However, recently, my caller ID has been showing me something that is nothing short of a blessing: "Scam Likely."  When I tell you those calls go unanswered... Ooh, I GREATLY appreciate it! Every time it comes up, that call goes on my block list.  Check this out, though... I've also noticed that when I receive a call from legitimate operations such as the school system, it comes up as "Informational."

Now, I pay for caller ID on my cell. So, when people call me, unless they've changed the display, it often comes up under the name listed on the account.  It's far too many adults with on their parents and other family members' plans, but we're not going to get into that right now.

Anybody else enjoying "Scam Likely?"

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