Did you ever wonder what your favorite artist would sound like as a flight attendant? Wonder no more, one TikToker gave spot-on impressions from some of the most famous women today.

In a video by @jadenovahofficial uploaded by @andscapeofficial, Jaden Novah created an entire skit while managing to sound exactly like the celebrities that she acted as.

Viewers are first greeted by Beyonce to welcome you to Diva Airlines before Nicki Minaj would ask if you need any snacks or ginger ale in her well-known music video persona.

The TikToker envisioned Erykah Badu in a tall hat using sage on the cabin so that the plane doesn't crash.

Novah then put on a teal wig to act as Cardi B if she were warning passengers not to be one of those annoying people who request a window seat and pull the screen up and down the entire flight.

Novah envisioned that Britney Spears would be dancing and singing in the aisle, giving us "Toxic" music video vibes.

"But your tray tables down and work work work constantly," she later said as Kim Kardashian. The reality star was recently under fire for tone-deaf advice about success.

“I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f---ing ass up and work," she Variety. "It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Novah is a singer, actress and writer. While she is an artist in her own right with original music, she first rose to fame by covering songs on YouTube. She also regularly posts comedic skits to her social media accounts, including Celebrity Divas as Sports Commentators.

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