For numerous decades, Hannah United Methodist Church in Gordo, AL has hosted a Christmas celebration unlike any other in West Alabama. This year will be no different.

Each year, in the weeks before Christmas, thousands converge upon the tiny little church in the hills of rural land to experience a simulated trip in time, where spectators are turned participants in the story of the life of Christ.

For those unfamiliar with the twists and twines of the road, it might be easy to miss the turn to get to the church... Well, it would be easy to miss the turn if it wasn't for the thousands of luminaires that line both sides of the road's entrance.

The lights continue throughout the path of the hayride where families and strangers (normally) sit closely together, a means of maintaining warmth while riding through the cold, December air as tractors pull the loaded trailer to various Biblical reenactments related to the coming, birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

At the "manger" scene, attendees leave the trailers and enter a barn with real, live animals inside. As they take their seats, a small acapella group sings Christmas songs in perfect harmony. Then, the preacher enters and narrates the story of Christ's birth while costumed characters perform the spoken words. After a brief prayer, everyone returns to their trailers to continue on the path of other scenes.

Finally, just before returning to the church, there's a scene which shall go undescribed so as to remain a surprise for those who've never attended "Christmas Comes Alive."

According to the church's Facebook page, this year's event will take place on Thursday, December 3 through Sunday, December 6.

It goes without saying that attendees should use personal protective equipment, as unless drastic changes have been made, social distancing isn't really feasible. However, this is one Christmas tradition many wouldn't dare miss. If you've ever been, you can understand why.

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