Supply and demand… There are numerous laws that apply to economics, but this is one of the most significant, as it drives the costs of necessary goods and luxury items alike.

When COVID-19 first hit and we reached the realization that this was a global pandemic that could shut down our entire economy for an unknown amount of time, consumers rushed to stores to buy as many staples as they could.

However, other items were added to that list of must-haves: disinfectant spray, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

Unfortunately, many of these items are still hard to find on store shelves. When they are available, the prices are undoubtedly higher.  This is usually not the result of price gouging but is most likely caused by the high demand and limited supply.

With this in mind, Cintas—which provides a number of products and services to businesses – is holding a sale on personal protective equipment to include face masks (both disposable and reusable), hand sanitizer, gloves, toilet paper, and cleaner and disinfectant.


Eric McAlpine, Major Account Manager at Cintas, gives us more insight into the sale, including how a consumer may prepay for needed supplies should the sell hours not be feasible.

It is remarkable to see businesses veer from their normal operations for the sake of serving their communities.  Even if that service comes at a cost, the company's willingness to use its resources to benefit area residents deserves notice.

Thanks to Cintas for assisting in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

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