In October 2017, the doors of Kmart in Tuscaloosa closed permanently. It felt like a loss, but maybe not a great one.  Then, Sears closed in January 2018.  Another loss. However, its real significance wasn’t felt until the holidays!

Since Kmart and Sears were operated by the same parent company, Sears Holding, they carried some of the same products and had some of the same deals.  Apparently, their deals weren’t advertised enough to create the customer base to keep the company from closing its doors.

I’m not sure about other locations, but Kmart in Tuscaloosa had the best deals on toys during the holiday season!  Neither Kmart nor Sears specialized in trendy clothing. Rather, they focused on the classics.

But their strongest asset was their quality. Their clothing was very well constructed, using quality fabrics.  Their home goods could be displayed in the most elaborate of homes; yet, their prices were moderate.

I missed all of this during my holiday shopping this year.  There’s nothing like finding a good deal in a store where quality is emphasized.  This is not to say that other stores in Tuscaloosa didn’t have good finds, but when you’re trying to avoid getting the same thing everyone else is buying or trying to shop in stores with shorter lines, you tend to wish more people had cherished those stores when we had them.

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