Since first seeing the trailer for the movie Coco, my daughter has been counting down to November 22, when the movie would be shown in theaters. We ended up going on Thanksgiving.

I must say that the older I get, the softer I become. Not only was I overjoyed to spend that time with my daughter,  but I actually enjoyed the movie! I mean I was taken through a range of emotions.

I felt sadness, I felt happiness, I felt confusion, and I felt understanding. But most of all,  I felt love. I even shed a tear or two.

The movie displayed just how far we would go to get approval from our families and how significant it is to remember family members who have passed and keep their memories alive.

All in all, I would go to see Coco again... I don't know if I would pay for the 3D again, though. I spent $23 on tickets for myself and a child!  I look forward to catching it on the Firestick, though.

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