What a winter! You can hear the battle cry from any bread aisle around town as war stories are shared from driving on icy roads. What about Tuscaloosa being the new site for the 2018 winter games?

Think about this, in the past three weeks there has been three winter weather events. We've had it all, snow, sleet, freezing rain and a wild combination of all three. Plus, bone chilling cold temps. Heck, even the temperature in Tuscaloosa is showing up lower than Sochi, Russia. Yes, the site of the current games.

Look at this:

Just look at what is being shared by @dennychimes on Twitter!


Tuscaloosa 2018! Nice, our weather legend James Spann is mentioned as being involved with the opening torch lighting ceremony. Ha! That's great.

Maybe we could add a new sport to the games, like ice road driving.

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Oh, here's another new game, hurry get a loaf of bread off the shelf!

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Maybe it's not a good idea. We just want warmer days, barbeque and football, then we'll be happy. Pyeongchang, South Korea you're still the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Tuscaloosa is still the home of the Crimson Tide!

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Each day we are getting closer to the end of this unusually cold winter and closer to the spring the A-Day football game, which is April 19th. Gotta love how a winter games story has come around to football. That's Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide!