The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is seeking the public's help in identifying two individuals who dropped off a dog at the shelter Thursday night.

In a Friday morning Facebook post, TMAS posted surveillance footage of two people, who look to be a white man and a white woman, ushering a dog toward the shelter's door. They are driving an older-looking sedan.

The drop-off occurred just before 9 p.m. Thursday, and TMAS staff found the dog tied to the door before opening Friday morning.

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After getting the dog inside, shelter staff noticed a chain had been severely embedded in her neck. Embedded chain wounds happen when dogs are serially left with a tight chain around their neck, usually for weeks or months.

The dog, a brown and white pit bull mix, also showed signs of serious malnourishment. To see the photos of the dog, click here to see the comments section for the TMAS Facebook post. Disclaimer: due to the nature of the wounds, the images are disturbing and readers should proceed with caution. 

"This is not something that happens overnight," the post read.

The shelter has made an animal cruelty report with the Tuscaloosa Police Department and wants the public's help in identifying the couple who dropped off the dog. The dog will remain under TMAS' care and is currently undergoing medical treatment for her wounds.

This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Stay connected here.

To watch the entire surveillance video, check out the Facebook post here.

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