As a parent with a child younger than 10, this time is a little more stressful for me than some because I still have to work outside the home. Yet, my daughter has school work to complete. So, we’ve come up with a plan to accomplish everything we need to do.

Albeit relaxed, we’re completing our tasks and enjoying bonding times.  I’m fortunate to have family help. So, here’s our schedule:

  1. I wake up and get dressed for work. If she wants me to cook breakfast, I’ll have it done before I go to work.
  2. After she eats, Jireh is to clear the table and do at least two hours of school work. Then, one of my brothers or my sister prepares her lunch or takes her to the school to pick up lunch.
  3. After lunch, she plays for an hour.
  4. Then, she reads for an hour.
  5. When I get home, we talk about our days before either preparing something for dinner and eating or eating and cleaning the kitchen after someone else has cooked dinner.
  6. After dinner, we do a craft, watch a movie, or play a board game.

It sounds like a lot, but I’m learning the importance of structure; and I want to make sure she has structure even though her regular schedule has been interrupted.

One of my Facebook friends shared some valuable tips this morning as well, as she often does (she’s a great person to follow, by the way).

Check out this link for a little more help in setting a steady plan for your family.

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