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Kara Pickett Cole took an innocent selfie with her son on Lake Tuscaloosa this week. After that picture was posted on Facebook, an unexplained image appeared in the background. A creepy image. A very creepy image.

What is in the water behind this mom and her son? They don’t have a clue. And neither do scores of folks who have viewed the picture and commented.

Listen to Kara here..

The mom/son selfie with the unexplained creepy background image was shared on Facebook. People began sharing their thoughts about the Lake Tuscaloosa image. Here are some of those thoughts.Is it the dead body of a drowning victim never found?Is it the energy or spirit of a person whose body ended up in Lake Tuscaloosa?Is it a mere reflection from the sunlight when the picture was taken?Is it a mangled limb or debris from a tree?

Is it a promotion for the next IT movie?

Maybe a descendant of Jason Voorhies from FRIDAY THE 13th?

Whatever the explanation is this creepy image on Lake Tuscaloosa has folks talking.

So what do you think it is?

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