One of the many classic skits on the Chappelle’s Show was the parody of MTV’s reality show Making The Band. If you recall, Dave Chappelle played Diddy (P. Diddy at that time) who managed the rap group Da Band. Dave also hilariously impersonated one of the group's eccentric members named Dylan.

On Friday night (Aug. 11), before hitting the stage at the House of Vans in New York, Dave finally met the real-life Dylan for the first time ever. The two posed for pictures and quoted the infamous lines, “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Because I spit hot fire.”

Chappelle also recorded a quick promo for Dylan's upcoming album, Pain 2 Power. "Top Five, Top Five, Top Five," he said referencing Dylan's famous quote.

For Dylan himself, meeting Dave for the first time was an opportunity of a lifetime. "For those who grew up watching me... you know how epic and amazing this was. My first time meeting [Dave Chappelle]," he wrote on his Instagram page. "My album is coming Sep 15th. I guess the stars lined up at the perfect time. Bless up to [Wyclef Jean] [Diddy] and everyone else I reunited with this year. Now let's move forward. You get it now?"

Check out Dave Chappelle and Dylan's meet-up above and watch the Chappelle's Show comedy skit that started all below.

Watch Chappelle's Show "Making The Band" Parody Skit

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