Imagine the scene: a dead four-month-old in an infant swing in late August, with maggots on his clothing and skin! Sounds like a completely gruesome scene in a horror movie, right? Unfortunately, this is real life, and the parents are being charged.

According to ABC 33/40, the parents of an infant are accused of murdering their son, who was also said to be underweight and size for his age. In addition, given the condition in which he was found, it is believed the baby had not had his diaper changed, had not been given a bath, and had not been removed from the swing in over a week!

Some people simply don’t need children.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that makes parents feel bad for admitting they need help or that they are not capable of raising children. Sometimes, when they seek help from family members, they’re accused of “putting the children on” their family; but if the children are put up for adoption, the parents are often “shamed,” as if they don’t feel bad already.

Maybe more reliable methods of birth control should be made more affordable to those who forget to take their pills or to those who are adversely affected by the shot. Whatever the case, something should be done to prevent stories like this one.

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