A new Netflix thriller is one of the most popular movies available on the streaming service right now--but did you know it was filmed right here in Tuscaloosa County?

The Vanished premiered on Netflix Friday, and after doing a double-take when watching the trailer. Did I just spot a Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's badge? Is this family camping at Lake Lurleen park?

I thought that like any other movie set in the South, The Vanished would have been filmed in Georgia, so imagine my surprise when I did some researching on iMDb.

The movie was filmed on location right here in Tuscaloosa County!

I was shook--and even more so when I realized the director of The Vanished is Peter Facinelli, one of the hottest dudes on the planet. He even had a production office for the film in Tuscaloosa.

Right here.

Where I live.

Just miles from me.

I can't get over it.

ANYWAY, The Vanished looks pretty cool, and knowing that it was filmed in Tuscaloosa makes me want to add it to my queue faster than you can say "Roll Tide."

Here's the official film synopsisWhen their daughter disappears during a family vacation, two terrified parents launch their own investigation that soon exposes local secrets. Sounds good, right?

Bonus fact: The Vanished is distributed by a group named... wait for it... SABAN FILMS. No cap (and sadly, no relation to the GOAT).

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