Here’s an observance that definitely could have gone by a better name: Today is National Ex-Spouse Day!

(Hoorays heard all across the globe!...... Or not.)

Seriously, as previously stated, it really should’ve been named something else, as National Ex-Spouse Day isn’t one that focuses on appreciation and celebration.  Today is all about forgiveness and moving on. Source.

So, for the founders of this observance, here are a few better suited names:

  1. Letting Go of the Past Day
  2. Embracing Today Day
  3. Proper Perspective Day (and make it about more than exes)
  4. No More of My Time Day
  5. Getting Over It Day
  6. Dead to Me Day
  7. Bought Lesson Day
  8. No More Headache Day
  9. Not Worth Another Minute Day
  10. Past Situation Forgiveness Day

Oh wait! The whole purpose is about forgiveness anyway, right? Of course, there were other names that came up but couldn’t be published, but since “forgiveness” came up, we’ll stop right there.

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