Rapper DMX was arrested in South Carolina last night (Aug. 20) for possession of an illegal substance. This time, he did not go gently or quietly into the good night.

Instead, he had his female friend/companion videotape the proceedings above, yelling that he was pulled over for a crime he didn't commit.

In the video, DMX is referring to the fact that cops pulled the driver over for an illegal U-turn. After searching the vehicle they found marijuana, which X was arrested for -- and told that he was also being brought in on a warrant for a previous case in which he was accused of driving without a license.

This all comes less than a month after he was arrested for a DUI.

"This ain't no normal traffic stop! ... It was legal ... they got nothing!" DMX can be heard yelling from somewhere off camera, possibly cuffed in the back of a police vehicle.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that DMX will most likely be sentenced to 15 days in jail, but will only serve 10 if he exhibits good behavior.

He is expected to be brought in front of a judge some time this morning.

UPDATE: We received a statement from DMX's PR rep, Domenick Nati which reads:

DMX was riding in the passenger seat when the vehicle he was in was pulled over last night. Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the driver and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the driver. DMX was released this morning at approximately 11am EST and is back at his home in South Carolina.

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