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Of the 3,000 women who participated in the study, 2,500 said they did not feel as pretty as women with straightened hair.


I always go online, reading different stories for something to talk about. This morning, I stumbled across this story that says "According to research by cosmetic company Bountiful Hair, women with natural hair have lower self-esteem than women with treated hair". I had a hard time believing that! didn't stop there, they went on to say "According to the study by Bountiful Hair, natural hair being viewed as a messy look is causing many women, who wear their hair in that manner, to feel inadequate and less desirable as their counterparts. Those feelings of inadequacy causes women with natural hair to lash out at women with treated or straightened hair, and in turn lowers their self-esteem".

One of the girls that participated in the study said "I try to tell myself that wearing my hair natural is all about empowerment and expressing natural beauty, but there were times when I just did not feel pretty," Pilar Ciara Jones said.

Bountiful Hair says the feelings by Jones are common among women with natural hair.

I never would have thought a lot of women with natural hair felt this way!  Or were they just asking the wrong women??