A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and my nieces were discussing the cartoon "Caillou" and whether or not it was "for babies." I told them that the song says he's a kid who's four. One asked why he has no hair. My 6-year-old niece Moriah shrugs and says, "Maybe he has cancer."

At first, I found her response to be kinda funny. I mean, what 6-year-old would even THINK of the possibility of a cartoon child having a terminal illness without it ever being mentioned on the show. Then,  I was reading an article the other night about why parents aren't fans (mainly because he's whiny); and in the comments section, it was said that some parents don't want their children to have questions about cancer.

Wait! WHAT?

Yes, somehow the fact that he has no hair has turned into a full conversation about his parents always letting him get his way because he's terminally ill. As a matter of fact,  some even say that he died and that the show is a series of stories about him as told by his grandmother!

Truthfully, I'd never questioned why Caillou has no hair. Is it normal for a 4-year-old to be bald? Has anyone else's children asked why Caillou is bald? What do you think?

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