There’s a day for everything now. Yesterday was National French Fry Day. And we all love these silly national holidays that seem to pop up out of no place and stand for absolutely nothing other than an occasion to celebrate on an otherwise ordinary day. Doing laundry today...don't have to. Ironing your clothes today. ...don't have to. Not getting arrested....have to.July 14, is a day dedicated entirely to being nude. You can whoop it up on National Nude Day by running a naked marathon, or simply embrace the idea of natural beauty during the South's sweatiest time of the year.

Nudists and other observers of this day believe the human body is most beautiful in it’s natural state.

Originating in 1976, this holiday asks us to ignore social constructs and "be free" for one day. But public decency laws are a real thing here in Alabama, so maybe celebrate in your own back yard. Just not at work or in public.

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