One of the largest areas affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic is the church and religious gatherings.

Of those who regularly attend services, most find themselves in a building where they gather with like believers at least once a week on average. Some attend services less regularly, and some are there more than once per week.

However, as large gatherings are discouraged during the pandemic, church doors have seen fewer people walking through.

As restrictions were lifted, some churches decided to reopen their doors. Most have done so under the guidance of new restrictions, including social distancing.  Others use faith as their only protection.

One Alabama church recently held a revival, and dozens of attendees tested positive for the coronavirus afterwards, even though some social distancing measures were in place.

Pastor Daryl Ross said the Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church has sick members everywhere. The pastor even tested positive. Ross said that masks were not required, but those in attendance sat with their own families.

It is said that one member who presented no symptoms was tested when several of his coworkers tested positive. At this point, the revival was shut down. Unfortunately, the damage was already done.  Two church members are said to have serious cases of the virus. Full story.

So, while one may feel fine and may even be comfortable showing affection to others, it is best to practice social distancing and other methods of keeping one’s germs to himself.

Put your faith to work: Believe that the virus won’t come to you, and wear a face covering to decrease the possibility of contracting it or sharing it.

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