Greetings from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!

Well actually, I’m not there today, but I was yesterday.

Here’s a little background:

My three-year-old nephew is fascinated with everything about the Milky Way galaxy and our solar system.  He knows all sorts of trivia about the sun, and can name each of the planets as well as facts about them such as whether they’re hot or cold, big or small, gas or liquid, etc.

In preparation for his birthday, my sister thought about taking him to the space and rocket center in Huntsville as part of his celebration.  So, I went online to gather information on hours of operation (if it was even open), tickets, etc.

Well, in the ticket section, it outlined the prices for adults, children, and seniors.  But there was also information on Museums for All, which said that participants in EBT programs could enter the museum for only $3.  As a matter of fact, the card holder could pay for up to four people at that rate.


Since every student at my daughter’s school received free breakfast and lunch, during the COVID-19 pandemic every student was considered eligible for P-EBT.

So, we decided to drive to Huntsville for a nice and low-budget outing, and the kids had a great time!

We wore our masks while indoors and maintained social distancing from other groups. We washed our hands and used the positioned hand sanitizer stations where offered.  The admission we would have paid without the P-EBT benefit was used in the gift shop and on Steel City Pops!

But here’s the thing about Museums for All: There are over 500 participating museums across the country!

So if you are an EBT cardholder and you think virtual learning is going to take away from the educational experience, think of how many monitored field trips you can take. In addition, when you decide to travel, be sure to search this link and see if there are any discounts available in or around the area.

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